AW Series

Circulation pumps marked "Eco Design" save up to 80% electricity. Old-type pumps replaced by Mas's ModulA pumps cost a short time.
ModulA series is in the category of iyle Best in Class ≤, which is the highest category with İy0,17 EEI value. Productivity class D provides energy and cost efficiency of over 80% compared to conventional uncontrolled pumps.
With the Interface Module, your pump can be easily and optimally integrated into any building control system for today's requirements and future needs. The remote adapter has Wi-Fi capability and allows wireless communication between smart phones and pumps.
Whether it's heating circulating pumps, air conditioning / cooling application pumps or mains water pumps, the ModulA pump family offers a suitable solution for almost all performance categories and areas of use.
The user-friendly pumps have simple and clear control buttons and illuminated displays.
The optimum operating modes against various operating conditions can be easily controlled via Proportional Operating Pressure (PP) control, constant operating pressure (CP) control and constant speed (CS) via the control panel.
The pump is equipped with an electric motor protection and does not require external motor protection.
The pump is equipped with a malfunction and an operation message (adjustable).
Silent operation is ensured thanks to the non-abrasive, precision flat bearings, and the service life of the pump is prolonged. The high temperature resistance of the winding extends the service life of the pump and allows the pumping of fluids at high temperatures.
The improved water inlet ensures immediate lubrication of the bearings in the rotor compartment and no need to bleed during commissioning in small pumps.
An automatic pressure control provides extra savings in variable flow rates.

Scope of application

Commercial Buildings
Industrial buildings
Hotels, hospitals, towers

Flow Range (m³ / h): 0 ... 29
Manometric Height Range (m): 1 ... 18
Working Pressure (bar): 10
Fluid Temperature (° C): 15 ... 85
Suction Flange: DN 20 ... DN 40
Press Flange: DN 20 ... DN 40
Connection Type: Threaded
 AW 400 Flanged