The pump is equipped with an internal electric motor protection and no external motor protection is required.
The pump is equipped with a malfunction and an operation message (adjustable).
It is operated with high efficiency permanent magnet motors.
Self-learning smart technology detects your usage habits and prepares hot water accordingly.
It has variable comfort settings from maximum energy savings to maximum comfort.
Automatic circulation has legionary protection with thermal disinfection.
With LED display, information is easily accessible.
It has weekend and holiday detection feature.
Thanks to the non-abrasive, precision flat bearings, it ensures quiet operation and prolongs the service life of the pump and ensures the pumping of high-temperature fluids.
The high temperature resistance of the winding extends the service life of the pump and allows the pump to flow at high temperatures.
Improved water inlet in the rotor compartment ensures that bearings are made immediately and no need to bleed during commissioning in small pumps.
There is a power limitation that can be disabled or activated.
There are automatic night mode that can be activated.

Scope of application

Commercial buildings
Industrial buildings
Hotels, hospitals, towers

Flow Range (m³ / h): 0 ... 4.5
Manometric Height Range (m): 1 ... 6
Working Pressure (bar): 10
Fluid Temperature (° C): 15 ... 65
Suction Flange: DN 20
Pressure Flange: DN 20
Connection Type: Threaded