Blackbox Series

Blackbox Serisi

1 pump can be connected to 90, 150 and 250 liter tank.
2 pumps can be connected into 400 liter product.
There is an O-ring between the tank and the cover.
Sealed, simplified inlet, outlet and vent pipe connections are available.
An appropriate plug is used for emergency evacuation.
There is PATENTLI airtight cable glove, which allows the pump to be easily removed for any maintenance work.

Scope of application

The collection tank collects domestic wastewater, such as leachate from all types of water, rain water or grids.
The pump installed in the tank allows the water to be sent to the sewer system. Gaskets are available for perfect sealing between the cover and pipes. Bluebox has a structure that allows for optimal use even in small areas, allowing the connection of inlet, outlet and ventilation pipes to all sides.