DP Series

Gear Pumps


Description :


  • The pump consist of two telescopic gears. The system is so simple that the probability of breakdown is very low.
  • The gears ensure that all pressure remains below the limit of the system.
  • Since the gears normally regulate themselves it is not necessary to regulate the pressure at the discharge port of the pump by means of a valve.
  • The pump is made of leak-free with special seals.
  • The pumps have high performance, safe operation and easy maintenance.
  • Pumping high viscosity pure liquids.
  • Diesel oil and fuel oil installations
  • Transportation of viscous liquids.
  • Marine applications.

Technical Specifications :


Flow Rate (m³/h) : 1 ... 15
Head (m) : 30 ... 90
Operating Temperature (°C) : -20 ... 140
Motor Speed ​​Range (d/d) : 1000 ... 1500