Enduro Series

Submersible Sewage and Wastewater Pumps

Enduro Series

Description :


  • It can pump different kinds of wastewater by single vane, double vane or free-vortex impeller type.
  • High hydraulic efficiency is obtained with electrical motor that has IP 68 protection and IE2 or IE3 (optional) efficiency class.
  • Watertight cable entry system prevents capillary action and protects against humidity;it reduces maintenance costs.
  • Stuffing box in the helical structure, by keeping solid particles contained in the waste water awayfrom the mechanical seal, protects the mechanical seal and provides a long working life.
  • In pump, an electrode system is used in case of water leakage caused by worn out mechanical seal or any other reason.
  • Pump is fully protected with a protection relay against possible electric motor overheat, overload and phase failure problems.
  • H70RN-F class rubber coated cables, high resistance to corrosiveness of sewage water. If the cable gland seal fails, the cable gland sealen with resin prevents any possible leakage into the motor housing.
  • Single and double row bearings ensure reliable operation by carrying long loads on the pump.
  • There is double mechanical seal system which is positioned in an oil bath as tandem for optimum operational safety.
  • Transportation of domestic and industrial raw sewage
  • Sewage treatment plant.
  • Transportation of liquids containing mud and solid parts
  • Transportation of factory waste fluids
  • Liquids containing fibrous particles and other applications.

Technical Specifications :


Flow Rate  (m³/h)  : 600
Head (mm) : 45
Operating Pressure (bar) : 10
Operating Temperature : up to 40 °C
Motor Speed ​​Range (d/d) : up to 3600
Discharge Flange : DN 50 ... DN 200
Impeller Diemeters : ø140 .. ø360