FI-FI System Pumps


Description :


  • These are horizontal type, single stage, single entry, horizontal volute type pumps with a horizontal suction port on the axis and the discharge port on the top, and an enclosed impeller.
  • Since the volute is symmetrical it can be assembled to be used in either direction. Thanks to this feature, it can also be used with motors which rotate counterclockwise.
  • ENM pump impellers are of double incline type. The impellers are dynamically balanced to the base. The axial thrust is compensated by rear back wear rings and balance holes.
  • The pumps are equipped with a rigid shaft that can operate under different loads.
  • The sliding bearing within the suction body is lubricated with water.
  • The construction is compact thanks to the short distance between the bend-resistant shaft and bearing and the volute. This feature allows it to be used in space-restricted (eg.Marine Fire Brigade)
  • In standart configurations, two roller bearings are used. A console bearing is optional.
  • Fi-Fi  systems for fire boats
  • Fresh water and sea water pumping in ships.
  • Large fire extinguishing systems
  • Industrial and social installations.

Technical Specifications :



Capacity Range (m³/h)  : 400 ... 4000
Head (m)  : 60 ... 150
Operating Pressure (bar) : 16 
Operating Temperature (°C) : -20 ... 110
Motor Speed ​​Range (d/d) : 1000...1800 
Suction Flange : DN 300 ... DN 500
Compression Flange : DN 250 ... DN 400