Solid Seperation Systems


Description :


  • Through the solids seperation system, solid materials are separated from wastewater and tmporarily kept in a waste separator.
  • System requires more efficient smaller pumps with free passage. This means the system works with much higher energy efficiency than regular waste water stations. With the help of its design many hydraulic systems and impellers that are normally not suitable fot the carriage of raw wastewater can be used.
  • Solid separators and pumps that are located on the outer shell of the system make şts maintenance practical and easy.
  • Closed circuit system with dry assembly ensures perfect gas sealing. Thus is provides hygienic, reliable and safe operating conditions.
  • The pumps are protected againist raw waste by solid treatment system to decrease pump water.
  • Only pre-treated waste water, that doesn't include raw sewage, flows into the pump.
  • Large public housing
  • Commercial places like hotels and shopping malls
  • Towns and small settlements with sewage connections
  • Solid particulate wastewater transfer stations