NMP Series

End Suction Pumps Stainless Steel Sheet

NMP Serisi

Description :


  • The pump parts are made of high strenght,high quality,corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting options are avaible.
  • Thanks to back pull out, easy access to impeller and seal is provided without removing suction and discharged line.
  • Alignment errors are reduced and the smooth installation due to centered discharge outlet at the upper side and support legs under the casing.
  • High operating efficiency-low operting costs
  • The noise level has been reduced because of lightweight and compact design
  • Using high qualityt bushing and o-rings, ensuring compliance standart pumping process and high-temperature and chemical environments.
  • When using only mechanical seal at monobloc model, mechanical seal or soft packingh is used at coupling connection model. 

• Water Supply: water filtration and transportation, pressurized the main channel

• Industrial Pressurization: Wetting and Cleaning Systems

• Transporting of Industrial Liquid: Textile Dye house, Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Water Supply Boiler, Condenser, Cooling And Air Conditioning systems, transporting of acid and alkali-based liquid

• Water Treatment, Water Filtration (Reverse Osmosis) Systems, Swimming Pools

Technical Specifications :


Flanges :  TS EN 1092-2
Medium Temperature : Between -20 °C and+100 °C
Ambient Temperature : Up to +40 °C
Operating Pressure (bar) : 10 
Flow Rate (m³ / h) : 3 - 200 
Manometric Head (m) : 10-70