PS/PSH Series

Wastewater Sump Pumps

PS/PSH Serisi

Description :


  • PS/PSH series pumps are vertical shaft pumps that operate by means of a special bearing system.
  • The suction flange and the impeller are within the outlet and are faced with a filter.
  • The pump shaft is connected to the motor by means of flexible coupling.
  • Drainage of dirty water pits in furnace rooms.
  • Pumping of residental and industrial raw sewage liquids.
  • Drainage in sewage treatment plants.
  • Pumping of liquids containing sludge and solid particle.
  • Pumping of waste water from factories.
  • Pumping of viscous liquids and suspension.
  • Pumping of liquid wastes of dye installations.
  • In all kinds of drainage and discharge systems.
  • Papr and cellulose industries.

Technical Specifications :


Flow Rate (m³/h) : 5..25
Head (m)   : 4-19
Operating Pressure (bar) : 2,5
Motor Speed (d/d) : 1450
Discharge Flange  : DN 50" (2)