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This system, which is connected to various models in our product range, is there with models like UKM-S, Enduro-Pro in our wastewater group.

Optionally, it can be designed according to city traffic. For traffic registration, there is a system weight (O1 tip for 0 - 0,75 tons load load, O2 tip for 0,75 - 3,5 tonne load port).

The towing system is single-axle and also available in the double axle depending on the weight of the system.

The mechanical impact brake has positively adjustable mounting brackets, which can be adjusted to the level of the towing vehicle, and mounting lugs which are not suitable for carrying with a complete mounting crane.

The wheel wheel with load index or load index suitable for traffic allows the safety of right-left turns, control of vehicles, a controllable signal connection, dampers in the course, shock absorbers or equipment.