VICTRIX TERA 32 1 E Condensing Boiler

Designed in accordance with the new European Directives on energy use, the VICTRIX TERA 32 1 E combi boilers are highly seasoned for both central heating and domestic hot water production. 32 kW in domestic hot water and 28 kW thermal power in central heating, new design stainless steel heat exchanger, premix pre-mix burner, low consumption circulation pump, natural gas or LPG, hermetic, wall type, full condensing combi. VICTRIX TERA 32 1 E Thanks to innovative condensate technology and wide flame modulation range from 18% to 100%, it provides high efficiency and savings up to 108.3%. The alcove drying function, which enables weekly program building, ensures that your floor heating system and your apartment are safely dried. VICTRIX TERA 32 1 E combi boilers can be controlled remotely from smartphones and tablets with the Immergas Dominus Mobile Kit. The user-friendly, intelligent new control panel is very easy to set, showing all operating status and error codes via a digital display with illumination. It provides extra comfort and savings with the connection of the outdoor sensor. VICTRIX TERA 32 1 E combi boilers have IPX5D electrical protection class. Frost protection up to -5 ° C. The NOx class is 6 and has the lowest emissions in its class. Environment friendly. VICTRIX TERA 32 1 E It is the ideal device solution for all new or old, small or large installations and especially for device conversions. Compact dimensions. It is extremely quiet.