VSP Series

Automatic Self-Priming Systems


Description :


  • Is an automatic self-priming unit with vacuum pump, designed for the priming of centrifugal pumps where dry running is not admissible.
  • It quarantines reliable priming.
  • If the discharge  pressure falls during operation, the aspirator starts up once more for re-evacuation.
  • Made of bronze material pump elements are resistant as physically and chemically against a lof of fluids including sea water.
  • MAS-ASP and MAS-VSP suction systems are suitable for liquid nor containing solid particles.
  • They are  avaible for systems that do not allow dry opertion.
  • They are also suitable for liquids containing gases.

Technical Specifications :


Operating Voltage (V) :  24 - 50/60 Hz
Protection Class : IP 54
Motor Power  (kW) : 1.5
Switching Capacity  (VA) : Max 100
Nominal Pressure : PN 10
Suction Capacity (Nl/min)  : 300
Max. Suction Head (m) : 6
Service Water Tank (lt) : 4