The Vacuumax Automatic Suction System, adapted to the pump, provides the pump with an automatic suction in dry environment thanks to its output check valve and diaphragm suction system and provides superior performance in deep suction heights.
Thanks to the Vacuumax, there is no need to fill water in the casing before the pump is started.
Vacuumax, developed with special design, is activated automatically without interfering to the pump and works by filling the pump body and suction line.
In case of separation of the suction pipe from the fluid or a leakage in the system, it ensures the continuity of the flow.
The diaphragm suction system shaft construction and bearings are designed in a structure equivalent to pump life.
The bulk check valve system reduces the flow of air and water between the suction line and the discharge line to zero, allowing the pump system to suction. When water is completely filled into the pump, the check valve opens to open the discharge line of the fluid.
As soon as the pump is running, the suction system is activated and the system is driven without the need for a second motor.
The whole system has a single structure and is more compact on a single chassis.