What is UL ?

Underwriters Laboratories is an independent certification organization which sets the standards on product reliability and performs testing the product reliability within these standards. UL has made certifications for more than 19000 products. Each year, more than 20 million products of 7,200 manufacturers are used with the UL label around the world. UL provides testing and certification services to its customers with 64 testing laboratories in 98countries. UL has standards for many areas such as construction materials, food, lighting, fire systems.

UL has been working on product testing and their reliability for 100 years. UL testing and certification services offer advantages for manufacturers and users of fire prevention systems. On its website, there is a UL product directory. In this directory, there is a list of the authorized companies to use UL and it contains important information document regulatory organizations, building owners and insurance companies.

What is FM ?

FM (Factory Mutual), the independent technical organization of FMI (Factory Mutual Insurance) company which deals with private and large insurance risks, provides approvals for materials and system performance. FM approval for fire pumps is given by taking NFPA 20 requirements into consideration. However, since some other requirements beyond these of NFPA20 are demanded, the FM approval is known as having the most difficult conditions and the highest-grade product quality approval among  all quality approvals given to fire pumps and environmental elements.

MAS DAF Machinery Industry Co, which has been Turkey's domestic pump manufacturer since 1977, applied to UL and FM for fire pumps and has been the first UL listed and FM approved domestic manufacturer. It has offered to its customers fire pumps with a suction tip designed in accordance with the standards of UL448 "Centrifugal Stationary Pumps for Fire-Protection Service" and FM 1319 "Approval Standards for Centrifugal Fire Pumps” (horizontal end suction Type).