YKF Series

Gear Pumps

Description :


  • "Gear-within a gear" principle has only two moving parts. It is the secret of dependable, efficient operation of all positive displacement gear pumps.
  • Liquids to be pumped by the gear pump must be clean rather than liquids to be pump by other pump types. Thus, performance of the gear pump is provided to rise to the highest point.
  • Positive displacement of liquid is achieved by filling the gap between the rotor and teeth of idler gear.
  • Sealing is provided by soft packing or mechanical seals.
  • Crescent-shaped piece on the pump cover acts as a seal (gasket) between the suction and discharge mouth by splitting the liquid.
  • Fuel oil service tanks, gas oil, diesel-fuel tanks
  • On a small scale hot oil circulations
  • Half viscose liquids of industry are on pumping process
  • Medicine, chemistry and detergent industry
  • Food industry

Technical Specifications :


Flow Rate (m³/h)  : 1 ... 200
Manometric Height Range (m) : 30 ... 90
Operating Temperature (°C) : 0 ... 200
Motor Speed ​​Range (d/d) : 1 ... 1500
Operating Pressure (bar) : 0 ... 10
Viscosity (SSU) : 100 ... 250000