Zeus Superior 32 KW Gas Combi

32 kW thermal power, 60 liter stainless steel built-in boiler, natural gas or LPG can work with the wall-type hermetic combi boiler. The Zeus Superior 32 KW provides excellent domestic water solutions that can meet the demands of hot water use from more than one point at the same time thanks to its 60 liter stainless steel tank. The recirculation kit can be fitted and adapted to 3-pipe systems. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it provides easy installation and space saving. User-friendly, highly advanced, easy-to-use liquid crystal display panel. You can view all the operating statuses and malfunctions of the device and make all the settings easily. It is compatible with outdoor sensor. Provides more comfort and savings. Zeus Superior 32 KW combi boilers have IPX5D electrical protection class. The boiler can provide freezing protection up to -5 ° C. Zeus Superior 32 KW combi boilers are equipped with advanced electronic control card. It provides the modulatory and safe operation of the combi, and allows the connection of optional comfort and saving products.